Outdoor panel with unique design

  • Resolution 800 TVL
  • IR illumination up to 1.5 m
  • Backlight of the button


First impression
Slinex VR-16 is an individual outdoor panel with a unique design. Its main feature is a non-standard form. While conventional single-user panels have the "Tower" form factor, the VR-16 is radically different. This model looks much more solid and presentable, and it really appeals to the users who are looking for not just a functional device but also pay attention to a beautiful design. Moreover, VR-16 is almost the only device on the market that meets both of these requirements.


Who We Are

An independence brand , Focused on the security products development, our aim is to devote for the safe society. Quality is the most important fact that customers care, which is also our company's goal

Contact & Support

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